UHF 902-928 MHz

UHF-RFID is commonly known as 915 MHz Ultra High Frequency, however, the spectrum for North America is actually 902-928 MHz, while most of Europe is standardized on 865.5 to 867.5 MHz.

UHF Facts


Frequency Info

The UHF frequency band covers the range from 300 MHz to 3 GHz. In the US, the frequency is 902-928 MHz.



UHF RFID is the most sensitive to interference, but many UHF product manufacturers have found ways of designing tags, antennas, and readers to keep performance high even in difficult environments. Water and metal are the main culprits. 


ECPglobal Gen2 (ISO 18000-63) UHF standard

The UHF frequency band is regulated by a single global standard called the ECPglobal Gen2. Learn more about ECPglobal here.



GS1 US assigned product identifiers are globally unique and accepted at major retailers, in e-commerce, and in marketplaces worldwide.


GS1 Company Prefix

Most often used with eDL's and ETC's, the company prefix points to your organization, just like a prefix in a barcode would. By programming the chip with your company code, software points to your data for analysis. Learn more here.


How far does UHF read?

Read range up to 12 meters (40 feet). There are concerns about water and metal but unobstructed, depending on reader power, you can safely read 20 feet. Track assets or people!



Matching our border infastructure in the US, these identity documents use a custom uhf antenna configuration. P3 produces all three items. Give us a call to discuss!



People tracking

Warehouses and labs aren’t the only places you’ll find UHF. UHF has found its way into the world of sporting events as it is often used for race timing and for keeping track of tickets for expensive sporting events.



The length of an antenna is related to the length of the radio waves used. Due to the short wavelengths, UHF antennas are conveniently stubby and short; at UHF frequencies a quarter-wave monopole, the most common omnidirectional antenna is between 2.5 and 25 cm long.

UHF Use Cases




In the event space, UHF helps track people coming and going. This is helpful for security resources (where to send team members), food resources (when to cook or heat food to prevent waste) and analytics (when is this area busiest and why? What is working vs. not?). 




UHF Tags are currently used inside clothing labels for inventory and asset management. Also, on price labels for items such as jewelry. The UHF technology is sold in different sizes so there is bound to be a size that fits your needs.




Utilizing the long read range at a fraction of the cost of battery powered active technology, UHF is most popular on car rearview mirrors. Hangtags within cars can read from 20 to 40 feet to open gates, check in a vendor or track movement. Please call us to inquire about our Hangtag product line!

Enhanced Tribal Cards

P3 is the leader in the ETC space having produced all ETC's in circulation. Starting in 2008, we worked to develop a solution for the ETC marketplace. In 2010, the first successful ETC was launched for the Pascua Yaqui tribe. 


Since, we've worked to develop a secure card design service, a laser engraving solution that mimics the US WHTI card and a Polycarbonate card production process. This refinement of product and process further cements our place in the secure card market. 


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