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Custom or blank, one technology or many. Let us bring your brand to life!

125 KHz Low Frequency

The bulk of legacy systems in place use proximity cards. These cards contain a unique format, facility code and programmed number that tie to the card holder and access rights.

13.56 MHz High Frequency

Considered more secure than prox, high frequency is used for transactions (tap) and is built into most modern phones (NFC).

928 MHz Ultra High Frequency

People and asset tracking. Read range of 10 to 30 feet. Passive tag that reflects back the signal with data. Most common use is Enhanced DL's, WHTI/ETC and pallet delivery/inventory control.



From basic cards to custom, we can do it all!

All of our production is handled at the Lima, NY plant. Starting with sheets, the printing is done. Collation is next where the protective layers are added and the core, RFID prelam is inserted into the card structure. Next, we hydraulic laminate the sheets together so it forms one solid piece. Last is die cutting using a match die for perfect edges. 


Custom sizes such a rearview hangtags, over-sized event cards or even key tags are often cut using a steel rule die. These dies require a thinner card structure but offer the cheapest product to be made. This allows us to deviate quickly from form factors and get your product out in a timely fashion.


  • 100% US made.
  • Dealer driven company, we do not give distribution prices to everyone.
  • Stock product available.



Custom RFID manufacturing


75,000,000 cards annually


Full manufacturing in our Lima, NY plant. Come visit us!


Litho, digital or silkscreen


With multiple presses on site, we'll help you navigate branding requirements. 


LF, HF, UHF and combo


We are technology experts. Blanket PO's in place to both scale and meet your current needs. 

Worldwide shipping

Drop ship to your customer? No problem. Our shipping team can blind ship, custom label, whatever you need. Let us help!

What information do we need to start your estimate or project?


Three steps to get started


Gathering this info prior to contacting us will help things move quickly.


Quantity and chip type


The first focus is on inventory or availability. Please confirm the RFID chip and quantity requirements. Lead time due to worldwide chip shortage is our initial concern.


Custom or blanks?


Most cards are 2.125" x 3.375' (CR80) size. We do offer different sizes and different materials. Based on life expectancy or environment, we can upgrade the PVC formulation to something better. Need printing or security features? Please let us know the size and printing requirements.


New customer forms


We'll need to get you entered into our system to generate an estimate and/or get your order processed. To speed up the process, please download and fill out the new customer form



Why Choose Plastic Printing Professionals?


The company was founded in the mid-60's and with 3 generations of card manufacturing experience, you are in good hands. Now operating as a division of Bristol ID, we have increased capacity and reduced costs. Simply put, you are in good hands!

How can we help your business?


Set your own time and we'll call you back.



You Ask, We Answer

How long does it take to produce custom RFID cards?

The first concern is if the RFID chip is in stock. Once we've established that, production typically takes 3 weeks. Some blank cards are in inventory for quick shipment to tide you over while production takes place. Preprinting, security features, silkscreen inks, etc. all add to the lead time. 

What is the most common RFID card you produce?
Where are the cards produced?
What print options do we offer?

Our plant has 4 printing presses. Silkscreen, 6-color litho (often used for PMS), 4 color litho (often used for process) and a digital press (often used for low quantity, 4 color process printing). Needless to say, we have you covered in hitting your color and brand goals. Please always send a match item if color is critical.

What is the next wave of technology?
Do we manufacture secure cards?