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Low Frequency Cards

125 kHz

Available in 26, 34, 35 (Corporate 1,000), 36 & 37-bit formats.

High Frequency Cards

13.56 MHz

MiFare ultralight, 1K, 4K, Desfire, etc.

Ultra High Frequency Cards

840 to 960 MHz

Long range asset or people tracking products

Metal Mount Tags

Superior performance on metal objects (parts, machinery, equiptment, etc.)

Laundry Tag

Can be applied to towel or garments, used for laundry tracking, water clean or dry clean.

Custom / R&D

Unique shapes/sizes, dual technologies, variable data, etc. Let us build your solution!


RFID tags are essentially portable databases. They can be attached to almost anything. Tags come in all styles, shapes, and sizes. Some are as large as the outline of a brick, others smaller than a shirt button. Tag form factor depends on IC chip and intended use. IC chip depends on intended use and level of inherent security required.

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